Tue | Dec 10, 2019

Several detained in Central Village curfew

Published:Wednesday | February 13, 2019 | 12:25 AM

Police in St Catherine South say they have detained several persons in a curfew aimed at quelling a deadly feud between gangsters in the Central Village community.

“We have taken in several persons, but we are looking at four of them in particular. We are doing some work with regards to the gang feud between Zambia and the Big Lane gangs in Central Village. The curfew continues into tomorrow (today),” offered Senior Superintendent Clive Bailey, head of the St Catherine South Police Division, yesterday.

The curfew follows the murder of two men hours apart in Zambia, Central Village, last weekend.

Police identified the dead men as 25-year-old Darlon Gomez, otherwise called ‘Truck Back’, and Bryan Mitchell, 30, and otherwise called ‘OG’. Both men were from Webster Boulevard in the area.

Police said sleuths turned up on Wellington Drive last Friday night to find Gomez’s body with gunshot wounds sprawled on a refrigerator at a shop in the community.

Hours later, Mitchell’s head was seen along the Mandela Highway. Cops processing the find of the head later discovered the body under a scrapped abandoned vehicle in the community.

The curfew was imposed on Monday and runs north along an imaginary path from Collins Crescent to Rocklands at the eastern boundary; east along a path from Rocklands to Nelson Mandela Highway in the vicinity of the dirt track; South along the Nelson Mandela Highway; and West, along an imaginary line from Ashtrom Building Systems Ltd to Collins Crescent at the northern boundary.

During the curfew, residents are required to remain within the premises of the operation unless otherwise authorised in writing by a member of the security forces in charge of enforcing the curfew.