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Central Village remains tense

Published:Thursday | February 14, 2019 | 12:23 AM
Central Village in St Catherine had been under curfew since last Saturday as a result of a recent spurt of violence in the area. Yesterday when The Gleaner visited, the tension was palpable as an eerie silence blanketed the community.

The St Catherine South Police say they have detained a number of persons, one of whom may have had a hand in the beheading of a man in Central Village, where a curfew had been under way since last Saturday.

“At least five persons of interest were reportedly taken into custody during the curfew. One of them is a person of interest in the beheading last week as well as in the murder of a security guard and his girlfriend in the community last year,” officers from the police’s Corporate Communications Unit said yesterday.

“The curfew ends at 6 p.m. today (yesterday), but we couldn’t say what will happen next because a comprehensive report has not yet been done,” continued the cop, in response to queries about an extension of the curfew and the crimes for which the other persons of interest are believed to be involved.

The area had been under curfew since last weekend after two men were murdered within hours of each other, sending residents of the community into panic.

Yesterday, a section of the area called Zambia resembled a ghost town, with shop shutters drawn and only stray dogs and cats walking across some roadways.

Four elders playing dominoes in a yard occasionally cracked the silence that blanketed the area.

“Him afraid. To how the place a run, nobody wants to say anything,” offered one elder as another darted from the yard upon the approach of the news team yesterday. “You can’t really blame him still because people afraid.

“Is years we don’t see the place tense like how it stay since Friday. Back in the days, we use to have people a dead a lot, but those things did cool down. Now, is like dem want to start it back up again,” said the man, noting that some residents have abandoned their homes and fled the area because of the violence.