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Recordings reveal demands for money, car in Bloomfield investigation

Published:Thursday | February 14, 2019 | 12:24 AM
A portrait of Dr Lynvale Bloomfield at his seat in Gordon House during a sitting of Parliament last week.

Buff Bay, Portland:

A male person of interest, who was picked up yesterday in Buff Bay, Portland, by detectives investigating the murder of East Portland Member of Parliament (MP) Dr Lynvale Bloomfield, is reportedly cooperating with the police.

The person of interest, who is believed to be in his mid-20s, was taken into custody shortly before 2 p.m., 11 days after the MP’s nude body was found with multiple stab wounds at his Passley Gardens home in his constituency.

While investigators have indicated that they have found the MP’s main cell phone, which was discovered missing after he was murdered, they are not willing to say how the device was recovered. The lawmen, however, disclosed that they had received significant data from it.

Investigators, who have examined several audio recordings of conversations between the late MP and a man believed to be the person of interest, said that the recordings have revealed demands being made by a man requesting – and, in some instances, demanding – money, a cell phone, and a car in what the cops theorise could be considered as extortion.

Bloomfield, a two-term MP for East Portland, was found dead by his helper in his home on February 2. There was a trail of blood from the bathroom to the bedroom, where the body was discovered. Investigators theorised then that the MP was trying valiantly to flee his attacker(s).

Two knives and a bloodied vest, which was recovered at the house, were sent to a forensic lab for testing.