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St Thomas councillors mourn former colleague

Published:Thursday | February 14, 2019 | 12:17 AM

MORANT BAY, St Thomas:

Members of the People’s National Party (PNP) in the St Thomas Municipal Corporation are bemoaning the shooting death of their colleague, Madge Morris, on Sunday.

The body of 67-year-old Morris, who is the former PNP councillor of the White Horses division in western St Thomas and an executive member of the constituency, was found lying in a pool of blood on her kitchen floor at her home in Albion, following an explosion around 6:30 on Sunday morning.

She had what appeared to be a single shot to her head.

“Who would have the heart to kill a 67-year-old woman?” asked sitting PNP councillor of the White Horses division Hubert Williams, who had visited the scene.

He said, “I’m truly saddened by this news and I have to ask the question, when is this going to stop – the murderous behaviour in society?”

Williams told The Gleaner that he had known Morris for over 20 years and that they shared a good relationship.

“Even down to last Saturday, I was at the funeral of an indoor agent in my constituency, where I was giving a tribute and mentioned that Madge was the one who introduced me to the Comrade.

Very sociable

“She (Morris) liked to be happy and was a very sociable person who loved her party. She was always active. Even after she left representational politics, she continued to be a part of the executive body. It’s just really sad,” Williams said.

Also lamenting the death of Morris is Councillor Edwin Marr of the Llandewey division, who described Morris as being more than a friend.

“She was our political mother who paved the way for us to understand what we were getting ourselves into.

“She was always there. You don’t always see her, but you could always feel her as she would call to check up or to inform you about shortcomings in your division,” he said.

Marr, who, like the rest of Morris’ political family, is left with many questions as to the motive for her untimely death, told The Gleaner that the news of her murder came as a shock.

According to him, “I’m saying, knowing the person she was, whether this was political, business, or personal, it was unnecessary.

“She wasn’t a greedy or aggressive person. It could have been discussed.

“It appears to me as if there is a trend where people are being politically targeted, and I’m not sure why, but if this is true, then we may have to ask the chairman of the constituency to have a meeting with us to discuss what we should be doing differently so as to avert any future happenings of this nature.”

Morris’ death comes weeks after the death of Portland Eastern Member of Parliament Dr Lynvale Bloomfield of the PNP, who was found dead at his home with what appeared to be stab wounds.