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Cops seize seven guns

Published:Sunday | May 19, 2019 | 12:44 AM

An assault rifle was among at least seven illegal guns taken off the streets as the police ramped up their enforcement efforts across several divisions on the weekend.

At the same time, several persons were arrested in connection with the illegal weapons, and for crimes including robbery and their suspected involvement in the illicit lottery scam ring.

Police said the rifle, an AK-47, and several rounds of ammunition were seized during a police-military operation on Ashoka Road in Kingston shortly after noon Friday, and that it preceded the seizure of the other guns, all of which were pistols, in the St Andrew South, St Andrew North, Constant Spring and Mandeville police divisions hours later.

No one was held in relation to the rifle find, but the cops made arrests in connection with the seizure of the other guns – two of which were being used in a robbery in Russell Heights, St Andrew.

In the meantime, a police constable in the Kingston West Division was shot and injured during a confrontation with a gunman, who was shot dead on Orange Street in Kingston yesterday.

Over in St James, a man and a woman were collared by the Lottery Scam Task Force.

Police said Roehampton district residents Daniel Reid, 25, and Kanya Clemetson, 38, were both arrested when cops found the names and addresses of United States citizens, as well as a cellular phone, at the premises where they were staying.