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Self-defence or murder? - Residents want thorough probe into retired teacher’s death

Published:Tuesday | August 20, 2019 | 12:21 AMAndre Williams/Staff Reporter
Pamella Manning
Pamella Manning

Residents of Potterdale Avenue in Cumberland, St Catherine, are urging detectives to carefully probe the circumstances surrounding the death of a woman in their community, allegedly at the hands of her husband of many years.

Reports reaching The Gleaner are that 65-year-old retired teacher Pamella Manning was fatally stabbed by her husband at their home on Potterdale Avenue on Saturday.

The incident reportedly occurred about 10:30 p.m.

Manning’s death has sent shock waves throughout the Portmore community where the couple have lived for some time.

With a cry of self-defence in the air, residents are calling on the police to diligently conduct their investigation.

“We shock that it happen right here suh. Never expect it. The first thing we start hear is that a she draw the knife, but I can’t believe that just like that because of who she is,” a resident, who wished to remain anonymous, told The Gleaner.

Christian principles

Another resident said that Manning, an avid churchgoer, practised and preached Christian principles.

“Everybody shocked because we know her to be a Christian, so when we hear the talk, the question I asked myself is, ‘Could that all make sense?’ She is a Christian lady, and mi wouldn’t expect her to attack him with a knife … . We don’t know, but the truth would make us feel better. I am sure the family, who we respect, wants answers, too.”

Her husband, whose name is being withheld pending further investigation, remains in police custody and is to be questioned later this week in the presence of an attorney.

Police reports are that shortly after 10 p.m., Manning and her husband, a retired police inspector, had a dispute at home which became physical.

A knife was brought into play, which was later used to stab Manning in the neck.

On hearing the commotion, residents reportedly summoned the police.

Manning was rushed to hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

It was unclear whether her husband would be charged.

The Greater Portmore Criminal Investigation Branch is investigating.