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Published:Thursday | October 17, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Lee Boyd Malvo
Matthew Samuda

PM, Opposition leader to have crime summit today


Prime Minister Andrew Holness, Minister of National Security Dr Horace Change, Leader of the Opposition Dr Peter Phillips and member of civil society group will today meet to discuss the issue of crime.

The meeting follows preliminary talks between Phillips and Holness on October 3.

The anti-crime summit comes more than six months after Holness and Phillips had talks in April.




US Supreme Court reviewing Lee Boyd Malvo 's life sentence


Washington (CNN) - Nearly two decades after Lee Boyd Malvo engaged in a serial sniper shooting spree that terrorized Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia and left 10 dead, the Supreme Court wrestled yesterday with his sentence of life without parole.

Last year, a Richmond, Virginia-based federal appeals court ordered a new sentencing trial for Malvo, who was 17 when the crimes were committed in 2002, citing two Supreme Court opinions issued subsequent to his sentencing in state courts.

Yesterday, the justices struggled for more than an hour discussing the impact of their own prior cases as well as the details concerning Virginia's sentencing scheme. The case comes after the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy, who wrote a landmark opinion in 2005 barring the death penalty for juvenile offenders and could offer the newly constituted conservative majority the chance to cut back on court precedent.




Lawmaker wants Senate committee to review environmental issues


Government Senator Matthew Samuda is seeking to create a parliamentary forum to provide critical oversight for pressing environmental issues to include climate change.

Yesterday, the senator tabled a motion in the Upper House calling on the Government to establish a select committee to “actively monitor and make recommendations on developments taking place in the Jamaican society as it relates to the environment and climate change”.

He told The Gleaner that he wanted Parliament to play a role in reviewing decisions made and implemented by various environmental agencies.

According to Samuda, bipartisan support is already secured from at least two members on the Opposition benches. He is of the view that the motion would receive unanimous support from the Senate.

Samuda suggested that clashes of opinion on the controversial Cockpit Country issue could be reviewed by the proposed parliamentary committee and stakeholders would be invited to participate in the discussions in Parliament.

“Jamaica has no shortage of environmental problems but we have the opportunity to fix them and I think that putting the attention on them and calling all the relevant agencies to the conversation will drive the protection of our natural resources,” he said.

Environmentalists and other interest groups have expressed concern at the activities of bauxite mining companies near the designated Cockpit Country Protected Area boundary.

In 2017, Samuda moved a motion which was debated and approved by the Senate for the banning of single use plastic bags. The proposal was later adopted by the Government and introduced as policy leading to a significant reduction in single use plastic bags.





Six nabbed by narcotics police


Six persons were arrested by the narcotics police over the past two days, and over $5 million worth of illegal drugs seized in separate incidents.

In the first incident, two men were arrested in Mammee Bay, St. Ann. According to reports, the narcotics police, supported by members of the St. Ann police division, intercepted a car and 6.69 pounds of cocaine was found hidden inside.

In Kingston, two men, one of whom is a British national, were arrested at the Norman Manley International Airport. The British man was reportedly found with 2.4 pounds of cocaine concealed in his luggage, while a Jamaican man was arrested after a police dog made an alert. A subsequent search revealed five pounds of ganja.

Another two persons were arrested when the narcotics police, with the support of members of the St. Catherine South police division, carried out an anti-narcotics operation in Portmore, St. Catherine, where they seized 16 pounds of ganja.

All six persons were arrested; however, their identities have been withheld pending further investigations.