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Visa woes for Vaz’s wife - US yanks diplomatic pass, denies new application

Published:Thursday | December 12, 2019 | 12:30 AM
Ann-Marie Vaz
Ann-Marie Vaz

Following the revelation that high-profile government minister Daryl Vaz had his United States visa revoked, triggering speculation, there is confirmation that his wife, Ann-Marie, has lost hers, too.

Mr Vaz confirmed yesterday that Mrs Vaz’s United States diplomatic visa has been withdrawn.

By virtue of marriage to Minister Vaz, Mrs Vaz had qualified for, and was issued with, a diplomatic visa. However, since his was revoked in October, it was natural that hers would also be revoked, Mr Vaz said.

Mrs Vaz is also the member of parliament for Portland Eastern, having defeated People’s National Party Vice-President Damion Crawford earlier this year in a by-election.

Ann-Marie Vaz’s visa troubles were exacerbated, as her application for a visitor’s visa, which had expired, was denied by the embassy last week Thursday.

Mr Vaz had informed the public that he was advised by the embassy that subsequent to the issuance of the visa, it had received information that he may be ineligible.

Subsequent to his announcement, Vaz said he would have been following up with the US Embassy to ascertain why it was cancelled. However, the embassy generally does not respond to queries about the rationale for visa revocations or denials.

When the visa of former Energy and Mining Minister James Robertson was revoked by the US Embassy in May, 2011, the visa of his wife, Charlene, was also cancelled.

Former Energy Minister Phillip Paulwell’s visa was also revoked in October.

Paulwell, who is a vice-president of the PNP and member of parliament for Kingston Eastern and Port Royal, has denied knowing the reasons for the revocation.