Tue | Apr 7, 2020

British brothers to be deported after two-decade overstay - Reportedly abandoned by mom who moved in with lover

Published:Thursday | February 6, 2020 | 12:17 AMDanae Hyman/Gleaner Writer

Two British nationals are set to be deported from Jamaica back to their homeland after overstaying in the island for more than 20 years.

The brothers, Akim Bonnie, 26, and Jason Bonnie, 24, were picked up in a zones of special operations sweep in Denham Town, Kingston, after which police personnel realised they were not Jamaican nationals.

According to the police, based on the boys’ passports, they were only allotted two months to stay in the country when Akim and Jason arrived in November 1995 and February 1997, respectively.

When they appeared before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court yesterday, Akim, who also spoke on his brother’s behalf, said they were brought to Jamaica at a tender age but had no say in where they lived.

Their mother, who was responsible for bringing them to Jamaica, moved in with her spouse abandoning them with their grandmother who could provide little to no help in getting them home.

Akim told the court that at age 15, he visited the British High Commission to get information on how he and his younger sibling could return to England but was told that he needed a parent to act on his behalf.


The clerk of court, however, contended that as adults now, they were old enough to have returned home on their own.

However, Akim rebutted that they were unable to purchase plane tickets as they had been unable to obtain work because they had no documentation in Jamaica.

“We try to get work, but nobody not hiring us because we don’t have any Jamaican papers. All me brother, it’s a truck him get a work on and my plan was to get a work and save to buy our tickets to go back there, but we got picked up,” he said.

After confirming that the British High Commission would be responsible for funding their travel, Senior Parish Judge Vaughn Smith, who presided over the case, approved their removal order.

No date has been set yet for the deportation.