Tue | Jun 2, 2020

Suspect held in Mandeville double murder

Published:Thursday | February 6, 2020 | 12:00 AMTamara Bailey/Gleaner Writer
Shanika Dixon
Illora Mullings

MANDEVILLE, Manchester:

The killing of two women in Knowles Crescent community of Mandeville early Wednesday morning has been theorised to be linked to a domestic dispute.

Shanika Dixon, a 29-year-old hairdresser, and her friend, 35-year-old bartender Ilora Mullings, were shot and killed at Dixon’s house after a perpetrator gained entry through a kitchen window.

A suspect in the matter, whose identity is being withheld, has since been arrested by the police for questioning.

The police had listed Dixon’s boyfriend as a person of interest.

Residents recall a heated argument between one of the victims and her boyfriend the previous day.

“Just Sunday gone, she (Dixon) and her boyfriend got into a fight and them a curse one bag a bad word (expletives). It sounded like she owed a man some money and the man told the boyfriend about it and he asked her bout it ... ,” said a resident, who withheld her identity because of fears of becoming enmeshed in the investigation.

Explosions rocked the community on Wednesday approximately 1:55 a.m. followed by screams from Dixon’s terrified son that his mother had been killed.

Three children aged 13, eight and two were at home during the shooting but not harmed.

Mullings, who is reportedly from Lincoln district in the parish, was spending a few weeks with Dixon, The Gleaner understands.

“I am just in utter disbelief. Shanika and I went to high school. We used to play netball and she used to do track and field,” said a former classmate, who also requested anonymity.

“Just the other day she was telling me that her daughter does track as well and had a meet coming up and I promised her that I would there. I was not expecting this news.”