Tue | Apr 7, 2020

Double tragedy - Mother grieves as two sons go missing years apart, vanishing without a trace

Published:Tuesday | February 25, 2020 | 12:22 AMNickoy Wilson/Staff Reporer
Dorothy Hall
Kadeem Henry
Eldean Thompson

Eleven years after her then 16-year-old son went missing, Westmoreland resident Dorothy Hall never imagined that another son would face a similar fate when he accompanied a friend to Petersfield in the parish last July.

Hall, who is from Jerusalem Mountain in the parish, told The Gleaner that the disappearance of her son, Eldean Thompson, 21, last year, nearly drove her over the edge.

“Terrible, I’m telling you, terrible. Is like a only madhouse lef me go. It shake me fully. It shake me up big time. If I never have my first son and daughter beside me, sometimes some things run through my mind like I wonder if I should kill myself,” Hall said.

“Mi mind start to stray different ‘cause it shake me up and me couldn’t believe say this come happen to me again.”

The 55-year-old said she has not seen or heard from either her son or his friend since they departed Jerusalem Mountain on that fateful day last year.

“There is a guy come from foreign weh dem a friend together from school days and the friend come to him and say him must follow him, him a go a Petersfield on that day the 29th of July. None of them don’t return from that day until now. Just like that,” she said.

Hall blames the disappearance of her son, Kadeem Henry, who would turn 21 this year, on the influence of friends.

“He just went up on the road and him get a call. I don’t know where him get the call from fi meet him down the road, and from him go there, them just take him.

“All I know is that after them take him weh, them call me and tell me say them need $200,000 for them things,” Hall said.

She added: “The first one that missing, me not even know him friends. Like you know him friend, but friend lead to friend, lead to friend. Some of the friends, you don’t know them, so when him go missing now, is like we left in the dark ‘cause we don’t know who to go to.”

His abductors have never been found.

Hall, who presumes that her sons are dead, is hoping that their bodies will be returned to her for burial and so that she can have closure.