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‘Baby Moses all right’ - Infant now at a children’s home in St James

Published:Saturday | February 29, 2020 | 12:10 AMCarl Gilchrist/Gleaner Writer
Baby Moses, the newborn rescued from an outdoor toilet in Cox Piece, St Mary, last year.
Baby Moses, the newborn rescued from an outdoor toilet in Cox Piece, St Mary, last year.

The baby who was rescued from a pit latrine in October last year in Cox Piece, St Mary, and subsequently dubbed ‘Baby Moses’ by residents is out of hospital and has found a new home in St James.

Efforts to get an update on the infant from the Child Protection and Family Services Agency were unsuccessful, but according to the reputed father, Horace Campbell, the baby was discharged from the St Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital where he spent several weeks after been rescued on October 24.

“I went there last week Friday and everything good,” Campbell told The Gleaner of his visit.

Campbell said that the issue of rights to the child were still before the court. According to him, the judge has ordered a paternity test to determine if he is the father of the child. He is now waiting on that to take place.

He, however, expressed joy at the condition of the child.

“The baby good, man. Suppose you see the little man. Him looking fat and nice. Him all right, and mi glad fi dat,” he revealed.

Residents in the deep-rural community of Cox Piece were shocked when news broke that a newborn was rescued from a pit latrine after allegedly being dumped by its mother shortly after birth.

His rescue, by Dwight Campbell, who is Horace’s brother, and his journey by motorcycle to the nearest health facility, in Gayle, were commended by several persons both in and outside the community.

The most telling comment would have come from a community member by the name of Valerie, who dubbed the baby ‘Moses’, likening him to the biblical figure who was saved and catapulted to greatness.

“I call the baby Moses because a God protect that baby inna di toilet from inna the early evening until after nine inna di morning. Moses! Just like when they put him in River Nile, God spare him for a reason,” Valerie said in an interview with The Gleaner at the time.

Dwight said, then, that it was divine intervention that had caused the baby to remain safe in the toilet overnight.

Despite the perceived good health in which the baby was found, the infant remained at the St Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital for several weeks to undergo checks and to receive treatment. He was then released into the care of the State.

As Horace waits for the completion of the process to determine the child’s future, he has again expressed hope that he will get the child to love and care for.

The children’s home where the infant has been placed is listed as a non-profit Christian organisation focused on caring for hurting children in Jamaica.

The facility is home to more than 30 children.