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Police force rubbishes own report sent to JCF hierarchy

Published:Wednesday | March 25, 2020 | 12:26 AM

The communication arm of the Jamaica Constabulary Force has released a statement contradicting a police incident report that a constable shot and injured his common-law wife during a domestic dispute in Kingston Monday night.

The incident report, prepared by the Police Emergency Communication Centre, which contained the original allegations covered the period 5:45 a.m Monday, March 23 to 5:45 a.m on Tuesday, March 24.

It read as follows:

“[Name redacted] 33 years old, D.O.B 22.12.1987, of 44 Foster Lane, Kingston CSO, was shot and injured by her boyfriend, a police constable during a dispute. INDECOM and IIU were informed. Det. Cpl. B. Forbes of the Central CIB is investigating.”

However, in two statements yesterday afternoon, the police Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) said there was no dispute between the constable and his common-law wife and that she was not shot.

Instead, it said about 7:20 p.m on Monday, both the constable and his common-law wife were attacked by two other people while the cop was at the woman’s Foster Lane home.

According to the CCU, the woman was stabbed at by a female and her teen daughter.

It said the policeman intervened and attempted to quell the dispute when he was stabbed.

The CCU said the cop then opened fire and the older attacker received gunshot injuries.

She was taken to hospital, where she was treated and admitted in stable condition.

Despite the CCU’s claim that there are “multiple sources of internal confidential communication within the constabulary” and that “we do not publish preliminary information”, The Gleaner has routinely used daily police incident reports with full details on serious crimes and which are circulated to the hierarchy of the force, including the commissioner of police.