Mon | May 25, 2020

COVID-positive UK PM admitted to hospital

Published:Monday | April 6, 2020 | 12:24 AM
Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was admitted to a hospital on Sunday for tests, his office said, because he is still suffering symptoms, 10 days after he was diagnosed with COVID-19.

Johnson’s office said that the admission to an undisclosed London hospital came on the advice of his doctor and was not an emergency. The prime minister’s Downing Street office said it was a “precautionary step”, and Johnson remained in charge of the government.

Johnson, 55, has been quarantined in his Downing Street residence since being diagnosed with COVID-19 on March 26 – the first known head of government to fall ill with the virus.

The prime minister has continued to preside at daily meetings on Britain’s response to the outbreak and has released several video messages during his 10 days in isolation.

In a message on Friday, a flushed and red-eyed Johnson said that he was feeling better but still had a fever.

The virus causes mild to moderate symptoms in most people, but for some, especially older adults and the infirm, it can cause pneumonia and lead to death.