Thu | Dec 3, 2020

‘Helping fathers on their journey’ - Four friends launch podcast on fatherhood

Published:Saturday | June 20, 2020 | 12:00 AM
Floyd Green
Marlon Campbell
Garth Williams

A QUARTET of fathers who have shared two decades of friendship will be launching a podcast focused on fatherhood on June 21, Father’s Day.

Jamaican Dadz Podcast features Dennis Brooks, a senior communication strategist in the Jamaica Constabulary Force; Floyd Green, a politician; Garth Williams, voice-over actor and master of ceremonies, and Marlon Campbell, an entrepreneur.

“As a new father, there is very limited information and resources that you can turn to help you along that journey. All of us came together and said we should try and pull together a project to help fathers manoeuvre fatherhood,” Green explained.

Green shared that their experiences are varied as he is father to a seven-year-old son, Williams has two children with the older being 11 years old while Brooks and Samuels both have sons under two years old.

He explained briefly that there’s an episode about how much of my father I have become where they will each share their stories about their relationship with their dad.

“Dennis unfortunately lost his father when he was a teenager. Marlon grew up with both mother and father in the household. I grew up with my father and mother but my father worked abroad and then you have Garth who didn’t really grow up with daddy in the household,” he said.

Other topics

In addition to fatherhood, the podcast will also have episodes on financial management, estate planning, writing wills, grooming and education funds.

On these episodes, resource persons in the various fields will share their expertise on the podcast.

The input of listeners and viewers will be encouraged as he admitted that “we definitely don’t know it all”.

“All of us are still fairly young in our journey in relation to fatherhood, so we’re really just providing a platform and a voice for the Jamaican father, with a worldwide appeal.”

The podcast will be available on all major podcast platforms, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.