Sat | Sep 26, 2020

Should the police charge everyone who refuses to wear a face mask in public?

Published:Saturday | August 8, 2020 | 12:20 AM
Shaquielle Campbell
Shaquielle Campbell

Marcia Henry

“No, because that is going against the freedom of individual rights. This is like taking away the rights of persons. That’s why we talk about the draconian laws that they have been passing. It is to force mankind to receive the mark of the beast.”

C.C. Ling

“Yes. Good idea, charge them. No mask, you need to get charge.”

Donovan Lattibeaudiere

“People should learn to obey the law of the land, and if they are forced to by the police charging, then I don’t have a problem with that. I would prefer they comply by moral suasion.”

Herbert Esty

“Yeah, because them must follow the rules. No excuse. You must always wear your mask. It is a must.”

Shaquielle Campbell

“Yea, because it’s for our own safety, because if they have the corona-virus, and them not doing anything to prevent infecting other persons with it, then they really don’t care.”

Jacky Graham

“If they don’t wear it on the bus or in the taxis. Now, I just come off the bus, I’m taking a little air, but them nuh suppose to go on the bus without them mask, nor in the supermarket, or the store them. Them just want load up the bus and nobody no have on mask.”