Wed | Oct 21, 2020

Youth want substance over hype - G2K Manchester head cautions against serious issues losing out to vibes in election dubs

Published:Tuesday | August 18, 2020 | 12:27 AMTamara Bailey/Gleaner Writer
Chair of the Generation 2000’s Manchester Chapter, Taneka Gibson.
Chair of the Generation 2000’s Manchester Chapter, Taneka Gibson.

Mandeville, Manchester:

Taneka Gibson, a youth leader in the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), says that while some millennials are impressed by the increased use of dancehall dubs by campaigning politicians, the majority would still prefer substance over hype.

Gibson, who chairs the Manchester Chapter of Generation 2000 (G2K), said that it could be catastrophic if persons were moved to back one candidate or another based on who used the most popular artiste or has the most appealing dub.

“Truthfully, the [COVID-10] pandemic has affected everyone and the candidates are just making the best of what is given for campaigning and appealing to the electorate on a different platform,” she reasoned, “but we don’t want it to be too much about the music, but about the work of each candidate and the plans they have moving forward for each constituency.”

Gibson said that with roughly a third of the youth she has engaged across Manchester declaring no interest in entering a voting booth, it is important that candidates highlight sustainable methods for their development at all times.

“A little hype does no harm, but young people still want to see substance over hype … . Most of them say they don’t see the reason yet that they should vote, and this is basically because persons are always looking for handouts. They think that if I am supposed to vote for someone, then they should be paid and we are not about that.”

She added that engaging in activities centred around community development is one strategy employed to get more interested in voting.

“Not only do we lack water in many of the communities across the parish, but the young people are in need of opportunities, and the JLP candidate for Central Manchester has the background and the right attitude towards providing opportunities for lifelong learning,” she said.

Rhoda Moy Crawford will challenge the incumbent member of parliament, Peter Bunting of the People’s National Party, in the September 3 polls.

“We are right behind Rhoda Moy Crawford. We support her wholeheartedly, and as such, we are on the road doing the work, organising our efforts in an attempt to secure the seat,” Gibson said.