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LETTER OF THE DAY - Bob Marley not fit to be national hero

Published:Wednesday | March 2, 2011 | 12:00 AM


There has been a resurgence of calls for Bob Marley to be made a national hero. However, I have some questions which need to be answered by those who are proposing this.

Who is a hero? Is it someone who has done some heroic deed or deeds? Does the Jamaican definition of a hero differ from what is universally recognised?

I challenge the advocates to list Marley's heroism against that of George William Gordon, Paul Bogle, Sam Sharpe, for example. I challenge them to prepare material to teach young Jamaicans about heroism and heroes.

No one can deny the impact that Marley has had internationally, and due homage should be paid to that, but to demand that he be named a national hero, we need to look carefully at what we are asking.

To accede to this would be to denigrate the contribution made by our early heroes and make our national honours meaningless. We cannot allow sentiment to blind our eyes to reality.

I am, etc.,


Port Antonio