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Knutsford Express service driving me away

Published:Saturday | September 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM
A Knutsford Express coach.

I would like to publicly express my profound dismay, disappointment and shock at the poor customer service I received from Knutsford Express in Montego Bay.

I went to Knutsford Express to send a package to Kingston, and the young man who collected and wrote up the paperwork was very rude, discourteous and arrogant in dealing with me. He was extremely unprofessional while serving me, and at one point made a telephone call to someone instead of quickly finishing the process he is being paid to do.

After I paid him the cost, he dropped my change and the paperwork on the counter and walked off saying the transaction was finished. Not even in a patty shop would such a treatment be tolerated by any customer and his entire customer service conduct was disrespectful and reflects rather dismally on Knutsford Express.

This is the third such bad customer service that I have received from Knutsford Express and the second disgusting service I have received from personnel who collects packages and writes up forms at that Montego Bay office.

I implore the management to take the corrective measures to properly train their staff and understand the prime importance of giving a high level of customer service to customers. This sort of poor customer service damages the reputation of the company and will drive away potential customers from using the services of Knutsford Express.

Customers like myself who regularly use the services of Knutsford Express expect much better treatment than this. Over to you, Management.

Renford S. Forbes

Managing Director, Alliant & Forbes Associates

Montego Bay, St. James