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Full speed ahead, Commissioner!

Published:Thursday | September 11, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Commissioner of Police-designate Carl Williams

THE EDITOR, Sir: This is an open letter to Commissioner Williams.

Congratulations, Sir!

Jamaicans will support you 100 per cent if you are firm and fair. Clean house and clean street! We know you can multitask; you have proven your worth on that score before.

Give us something to show us you mean business. Capitalise on the goodwill and good wishes that the country has collectively thrown around your appointment.

Stand for something - don't be wishy-washy! Enforce the law and don't try to be politically correct! You can't please everyone - just enforce the law!

Use your track record of innovation and performance and find even more novel ways to combat crime. As you are brainstorming with your team, so are the criminals and fraudsters, but we know you will outsmart them!

More than ever, embolden and strengthen your office with the good people that surround you. There is immense strength in unity and you are going to need them - top to bottom. (I refer to those left after you clean house).

My friend says you will need time; this is not an overnight thing. You give yourself time and we will also give you 'a little time'. That's the fair thing to do, but please remember that criminals abound and they are not on holiday, but we know you are not one for the honeymoon thing. We trust you.

This is an opportunity for a new wave and a new way of doing things to get new results. Take this new emphasis on respecting human rights seriously.

We stand to lose if we don't stand with you. I think I hear everyone saying, 'full speed ahead, sir!'