Sun | Oct 21, 2018

Missing point in Ray Rice smackdown

Published:Monday | September 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Ray Rice

THE EDITOR, Sir: Orville Higgins wrote a column titled 'Domestic violence is a two-way street' on September 12, 2014. And I must say, finally, another person is on the side of the argument that I am on.

People are missing a significant part in this drama. Maybe they didn't see it in the video (but how could they not). Or they are just blind to that part. Janay Palmer wasn't innocent here. Not to say it's OK for Ray Rice to do what he did, and in no way I condone or uphold his actions, but he's also a victim.

My friends and I had a debate about the whole debacle, and to my surprise, it was even suggested that Ray Rice should have pulled off a Jay-Z in the elevator (ironically, that was in an elevator). After that was said, all I could remember was my grandfather (RIP). I was 13 years old when my grandfather called me into his room and sat me down, saying, I should never in my life allow a man to put his hands on me, because the minute he does it, that's when he feels he owns me. But in the same breath, I remember distinctly my grandfather saying "Angel, my granddaughter, get this, never you ever put your hands on a man, because men are humans, too, they feel pain, and they will be inclined to hit you back."

I wish some of my peers had the chance of hearing those words growing up, and maybe the Ray Rice debate would be different among them.