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Shame on Burger King and Margaritaville!

Published:Saturday | September 27, 2014 | 12:00 AM
A correspondent wants Burger King and Margaritaville to be more proactive in keeping the shore near their premises free from garbage.
Plastic cups, bottles and paper bags, presumably used by fast-food customers, are strewn on the rocks.


I was a volunteer at the coastal clean-up at Dump-Up Beach in Montego Bay. A couple of hours after finishing, I went for a walk to see how we had done elsewhere.

There is a rocky stretch of coast, around 40 metres long, that was not on the clean-up list. It lies between the Hospital Park and Margaritaville, with a Burger King outlet overlooking it.

You would expect Margaritaville and Burger King to take responsibility for this small section since it is on their back doorsteps. As usual, it was covered in litter. I hoped that they had not got around to cleaning it yet, so I returned on Monday. It was worse.

It is always dirty. As one can see from the photos, it appears to be a dumping ground. Both establishments are accountable. They are bound to have excuses: We pay tax, etc. Times have changed. The country is broke. We all have to do extra.