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Open letter to PM Simpson Miller

Published:Thursday | October 2, 2014 | 12:00 AM
SImpson Miller

THE EDITOR, Sir: Madame Simpson Miller,

At the start of your political journey, what was that one thing you wished for all Jamaicans? What was your real motive for entering the said arena?

Will you be pleased when tomorrow comes?

Is Jamaica now a better place with you at the helm?

Mrs Simpson Miller, my heart breaks for my beloved Jamaica - so wealthy in her resources, no one should know poverty.

My heart ached when I learnt recently that locals are not allowed on certain beaches. It is absolutely ludicrous that Jamaicans are being barred from their own beaches - gifted to them by the Creator himself.

Is it not painful enough the bitter memory of slavery - the cruelty unleashed on our fore-fathers - is it not about time we did enjoy what they fought for?

The spirit of Marcus Garvey cries, so, too, that of Sam Sharpe and the others.

Mrs Simpson Miller, were there any referenda held ahead of the sale of those north coast properties - and what will be left for Jamaicans to enjoy once it is all gone?

I wish to be enlightened: how has the sale of those properties benefited Jamaicans?

Does the vision of your administration include improved living conditions for the Jamaicans without a name or face - or is it to increase the wealth of the already rich?

When tomorrow comes, will you be pleased with the contribution you would have made?

Nicole Shirley