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I didn't diss gov't workers - Mission Catwalk host

Published:Wednesday | October 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM
Keneea Linton-George

THE EDITOR, Sir: I accept that the comment made in the recently televised episode of 'Mission Catwalk' on Saturday, October 11 may have offended some viewers. This was never my intention.

A recent letter to The Gleaner's editor suggested that I was "disparaging", and the writer took direct offence with regard to government workers, the challenges they face, and the hard work they do.

I in no way intended to offend any one person, nor a group of people, with the remark. However, offence was taken, and, for this, I apologise.

I have the utmost respect and appreciation for government workers. My comment that "the fabric looked like a government worker" was based on the high-fashion nature of the competition in contrast to the conservative fabric chosen by the designer. At no time did I refer to the design or government worker's uniforms as "sackcloth", as mentioned in the letter.

My comment was not an attempt to offend anyone or any group and was taken completely out of context. It should also be noted that despite the conservative nature of the fabric, the design in question placed second in the judging of that episode.

We appreciate feedback, whether negative or positive, and will continue to use this to make the show even better for all our viewers.


Executive Producer

Mission Catwalk