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Letter of the Day: Don't drop the catch, Dave Cameron

Published:Sunday | October 19, 2014 | 4:06 PM


Whether Wavell Hinds "hoodwinked" the 15 players who toured India or not, WICB President Dave Cameron has been gifted an opportunity to become the man that history will remember as being the saviour of West Indies cricket.

Armed with a legal and binding collective bargaining agreement and memorandum of understanding, the president can spearhead the first sustainable plan to resurrect Windies cricket since the demise of the great teams of the '70s and '80s. The region can now seek to create a pool of 100 professional cricketers committed to the West Indies, out of which it can hone a team, over the next few years, to take them back to the pinnacle of world cricket.

During this time, the team will lose a lot of matches, but then, what's new? We have been losing with these selfish prima donnas for the past 19 years, with no fix in sight. What difference will it make if we lose for three to five more years, especially if we have light at the end of the tunnel?

Truth be told, the players leading this revolt are all around 30 years old and have at most another five years in the game. Bowing to them, there is no reason to think that we will suddenly start winning. At the end of the same five years that it would take to rebuild the team with a sustainable way forward, they will retire and West Indies cricket will be in the same quagmire it has been in for two decades.

losing players

That being said, I suspect that those players like Denesh Ramdin, Darren Bravo, Jerome Taylor et al who do not have multimillion-dollar T20 contracts will toe the line, thus the team may ultimately be losing only a handful of players.

Even those players who do have those huge IPL contracts may find that their employers view them in quite a different light in the future, after openly dissing the BCCI and causing $65 million in losses to the most powerful board in the world.

I urge Dave Cameron not to drop the catch and be steadfast in holding the course to building a new West Indies team that can not only rise to be powerful once more, but also have a cadre of players to ensure that when we do, we can stay there for a very long time.