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Do the honourable thing, Michael Frater

Published:Wednesday | October 22, 2014 | 8:52 AM

Do the honourable thing, Michael Frater


Michael Frater must do the honourable thing and hand back

the Courtney Walsh Award for Excellence and whatever money was attached to it. It is classless and vulgar that he would see it fit not to attend the function under false pretences, but still see it fit to keep the money and the trophy.

For Mr Frater come up with an excuse that he could not attend because he was so gravely ill and then be seen at a club partying that

very same night is unacceptable at best, and dishonest at worse.

Mr Frater must recognise that every single Jamaican takes great pride in our sportsmen and women - whether they win, lose or draw - and as such, when they are being honoured, especially on home soil, we are even more delighted. That he should see it fit to lie his way out of not attending this function is beyond me.

Let me remind Mr Frater that, in an article in The Gleaner, dated August 24, 2008, his father, Lynden Frater, was quoted as saying, "Jamaica at large has not really recognised what he (Michael) has done for the country".

This was an upset father who rightly felt his son was not being recognised for the tremendous contribution he was making to track and field. Had it been my son, I would have wanted to voice my concerns if I felt

that way.

Fast-track to 2014 and Michael Frater, having been considered and notified about this award, did the disgraceful thing of snubbing it. I would implore of the senior Frater to urge his son to return the trophy and the money.


Toronto, Canada