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Fix Mandela Highway one-way system

Published:Tuesday | October 28, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Change Mandela Highway

one-way system


I appeal to the relevant authorities to reconsider the decision they took to allow the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) buses to traverse one side of the Mandela Highway in the mornings. This decision has resulted in nothing but chaos in the mornings for people who are trying to go about their lawful business.

There is not much organisation in the process as I witness mostly public passenger buses driving on the soft shoulder, using it as if this were another legal lane created by the said authorities. I also witness them traversing in the lane now dedicated to the JUTC buses, which is a recipe for disaster as there will soon be head-on collisions resulting in fatalities if this matter is not addressed.

There are not enough, and in most cases, no police personnel manning that section of the roadway. As such, motorists disobey whatever system is in place.


Apart from the chaos it is now causing in the mornings, it is resulting in the loss of precious production hours. Since this system has been in place, it has added 15-25 minutes to my usual 45-minute drive to work each morning.

This is a short-cut method by the Government to facilitate the JUTC. What should have happened a long time ago is that the Mandela Highway should have been widened to facilitate the number of commuters now using that thoroughfare.

There have been several new housing and business developments in St Catherine and its environs, and the necessary infrastructure should be in place to move the traffic to and from the Corporate Area. This should not come at the expense of other persons who are going about their business without the inconvenience now being experienced. As a matter of fact, this is no proper way to use a highway.

I ask that the relevant authorities revert to the correct use of the highway and look into widening and fixing the uneven surface of the Mandela Highway to better facilitate all modes of transportation and not just the JUTC.