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Longing for leadership

Published:Tuesday | October 28, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Longing for leadership

This is an open letter to both political parties but is more so directed to the present party since they are in power.


I am tired of weak leadership from both of you. Madam Prime Minister, I have met you before, and I, without hesitation, find you are a nice person, but a weak leader. The ministers of national security, health and investment are horrible in their posts as is the minister of foreign affairs, who is well past his time. There's no other way than to say it than how I have.

I don't wish to be politically correct; I just choose to be honest. The leadership of your Government is woeful, and we are suffering as a nation.

The Opposition should take no heart from my letter as they just make up the 63 in Gordon House. They are horrible themselves.


Taking credit for warning the Government over chikungunya is creditable, but that's it. The preparedness or ability to take charge of a nation such as ours is yet to be seen.

Jamaica doesn't need a strongman or a dictator; we just need a competent person in charge of our country who understands sovereignty, the will of the people, and the ability to act rather than speak.

In the past, we had fairly average leaders who I personally used to think were awful. However, I have now changed my opinion when comparing their leadership to that of our current group. O, how I long for leaders who can lead!



Hagley Park, St Andrew