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Letter of the Day: WICB at fault

Published:Wednesday | October 29, 2014 | 12:00 AM

WICB at fault


The editorial titled ‘Don’t blame WICB’ (Gleaner, October 28, 2014) supporting the incompetent – many go even further – is a perfect example of why West Indies cricket is dying. It is ridiculous to hide behind legalese in the face of obvious and blatant injustice. Published minutes show Wavell Hinds and the West Indies Players’ Association (WIPA) had no permission to cut the players’ tour income by 75 per cent.

No union can sign a contract not ratified by its members. No competent management could sanction such a move, because it will inevitably lead to a strike. Let The Gleaner Company cut everybody’s pay by 75 per cent tomorrow and see who turns up for work. Why are those who claim to love West Indies cricket so unwilling to grant our cricketers the basic natural rights all workers should enjoy?

The colour of those in charge of the WI has changed since the all-white captain days of John Goddard and Dennis Atkinson, but the do-as-I-say-boy-and-shut-up plantation mindset remains the same. The Mighty Sparrow’s Kerry Packer is as relevant today as ever. I urge all cricket lovers to listen and hear how plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

Chanderpaul led a depleted team against South Africa, and one of like manner was sent to Sri Lanka. Sammy led a depleted team against Bangladesh, and now this India tour has been aborted. What was the common thread in all instances? Dave Cameron as

vice-president or president of the WICB.

When players complained about the unilateral pay cut, the WICB repeatedly refused to meet with them. That is why the Indian board (BCCI) is suing the WICB and not the players.


As to those who want to ban all the players from the recent tour, if we keep alienating the most talented players the region can produce, what, pray tell, is the point of West Indies cricket? First it was Lara’s fault, then it was Gayle’s fault, now it’s Bravo’s fault.

The only hope for those who truly love West Indies cricket is that the BCCI sue the WICB into irrelevance, and that a completely reconstituted body of honourable men takes over the running of our cherished game that is so much more than a game to so many.

Unless the WICB is completely reformed, West Indies cricket is dead. And editorials like this defending the indefensible will have helped to kill it.