Thu | May 24, 2018

Digicel, LIME, Flow - no better herring, no better barrel

Published:Thursday | October 30, 2014 | 11:37 PM


I noticed that my 4G broadband modem from Digicel fails to connect to the Internet wirelessly and the service is extremely slow, so I called the company's customer service department to report the faults.

After several 'routine' checks were conducted over the phone, I was subsequently instructed to take the malfunctioning device to any dealer store and I should also prepare to send it to the company's repair centre, bearing in mind the very limited warranty and lack of insurance.

After performing the same checks that the customer service representative did over the phone, the in-store technician revealed that it was futile to send the modem to the repair centre because they do not have the capacity to repair any device, and promises to return devices in a particular time frame are not realised. The technician further stated that not all dealer stores actually service modems, contrary to what was explained by the customer service representative.

How 'extraordinary' is it that Digicel is successful at frustrating customers by selling merchandise and providing poor service?

It is ludicrous to switch to LIME or Flow, because the former has only minimal coverage, and service provided by the latter is inconsistent and unreliable.

I thought disposing of the monopoly and encouraging competition in the telecommunications sector would benefit customers, but apparently it was to profit the companies and cause suffering to consumers.