Tue | Nov 13, 2018

Get serious on Ebola awareness

Published:Saturday | November 1, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Get serious

on Ebola awareness


I sometimes wonder why journalists bother, but it is out of responsibility to the public that they serve. They are doing a better job than the Government in informing the public about Ebola.

I would like to congratulate The Gleaner on the fabulous job it's doing on its front page, giving facts about the virus and measures we can take against it. There are also other media houses that are disseminating the well-needed information to prevent misconception and hysteria in the public sphere. I applaud your initiative.

The Government, however, is taking its sweet time in giving proper and comprehensive information to the public. Although the threat remains high, it's imperative that solid action is taken before things get out of hand. As a funeral director rightly said, Jamaicans do not take anything seriously until something happens.

Now is not the time to wait for something to happen. The country must be mobilised with the proper information regardless of the measures the Governments says it is putting in place. It's like we are sitting ducks, soon to run around as chickens without heads, like what happened at Mandeville Hospital.

The issue is too serious to let time pass. Get on it now!