Tue | Nov 20, 2018

Overhaul online banking with NCB

Published:Saturday | November 1, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Overhaul online banking, NCB

Is it just me or does anyone else find NCB online banking the most frustrating, user-unfriendly, tiresome experience when compared to other banks?

The following list highlights my experiences with the website:

n Oftentimes inaccessible or problematic.

n Not compatible and easy to

navigate on smartphones.

n Unexplained 'kick-offs', requiring several log-ins during one given session.

n Ridiculous requirement to reset

password every so often (Which other banking institutions force this on their clients?)

n Resetting password is an exercise in frustration to the max. Invariably, the process leads to being permanently blocked from your accounts after too frequent attempts.

n Instructions regarding password requirements are onerous and unclear.

n Try getting through to the call centre. When you do get through, after holding for hours on the phone, you are required to answer a multitude of verification questions, some of which are impossible to recall without having access to your accounts online. Go figure!

n Operators tell you that an agent will contact you to reinstate your blocked account in two to three hours (this is after perhaps an entire weekend + workdays + several hours of phone time and a plethora of inconveniences).

n Parrot-like, the call-centre staff apologise profusely when faced with complaints from frustrated clients. The automatic

platitudes are as annoying as they are inherently unhelpful.

Is there no balm in Gilead?