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Thwaites arrogant in dismissing Farrakhan rally

Published:Saturday | November 1, 2014 | 12:00 AM


arrogant in dismissing Farrakhan rally


I have found Daniel Thwaites' columns generally insightful and always witty. The whole page is a treat for me: the pithy, cultural observations of Carolyn Cooper and the political offerings from Maas Ronald, and, of course, Daniel's work ranging from the salient to the silly (only by choice, of course, and for our entertainment).

Sadly, I must take issue with your remarks about Minister Louis Farrakhan's gathering. To dismiss the convocation as the "19th annual disappointment of the hundred man march" is not worthy of you.

First, I am willing to bet you weren't there. Looked around, didn't see you. So let me tell you that the minister showed more love, care and thoughtfulness than have many of our so-called leaders and intellectuals. He encouraged and praised

the farmers, and encouraged industry, exploration and exploitation of our intrinsic wealth and creativity.

Louis Farrakhan encouraged honouring and respecting the women, embraced the Christian community and reiterated the 'pull together or fall apart' dictum in an accessible format, with commonsense. It was marvellous. Maybe you need to obtain a copy of the DVD. If you are honest, you may end up retracting your contemptuous and dismissive words.