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NHT Outameni purchase a bad idea

Published:Monday | November 3, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Why not

fix water shortage?


In the area where I live, water came back after 7 o'clock Sunday morning. On some mornings, when there is work and school to get ready for, it comes back after 6 o'clock.

The National Water Commission (NWC) falls under the ambit of the Government, doesn't it? And for years, since mi was a bwoy, we have had a water-supply problem government after government. It doesn't matter which party is in.

It appears that successive governments have failed, refused and/or neglected to address the issue of water seriously.

How can there be a 40-year recurring problem at this time every year and there is no change? Every year, there are water lock-offs. Presumably, the problem is known - more storage is required.

In root-cause analysis management, the problem is analysed, addressed and fixed. In the final analysis, the question is asked, what can be done differently to prevent a recurrence? Not much has appeared to have been done over the last three to four decades to mitigate against the persistent water problems.

Returning the water after 7 o'clock on a Sunday morning is not acceptable.


Kingston 5

Filter light sparks traffic frustration


It seems that there are two types of drivers when it comes to green filter lights, and I encounter both of them frequently. Quite frankly, both of them are just as frustrating.

First, there is the group who thinks that even when the green filter light is off and the regular round green light is on, they still have the right of way. They bore across the lane of oncoming traffic, causing traffic delays, sometimes accidents, as well as throwing a few expletives to the law-abiding oncoming traffic!

Second, there are those who sit there and do not budge when the green filter light is off, even when there is NO oncoming traffic in sight and the regular round green light is on!

This is not rocket science. If the filter light is on, YOU have absolute right of way to turn in the direction the green arrow is pointing.

When the filter light is off and the regular, round, traffic light is still green, you may ONLY turn right IF and ONLY IF the road is clear and safe to do so!


Kingston 8

NHT Outameni purchase a

terrible idea


Dr Horace Chang has voiced his concern about the National Housing Trust (NHT) changing gears and investing the people's money in a tourist attraction, Outameni Experience. This investment would need a total capital input of $291 million. Purchase price of $180 million and an estimated $111 million in upgrades, which could escalate to a much higher amount.

How can a government-related housing entity be investing in a tourism-related product when this is clearly out of the housing ambit? Government and quasi-government entities should not be entering into the investment arena, as the people could end up sans everything. We should not invest in spurious deals.

The NHT is obviously swimming in money that it does not know what to do with.

We must bear in mind that the three per cent deduction from the employers is non-refundable, and these funds should be used to provide grants, housing for our street people and our many poor and suffering people who live in zinc and plywood houses.

The NHT would be on a more secure footing if a pipeline were established to offer short-term loans to mortgage lenders at a mid-rate.

I appeal to the Government not to approve this venture. Very few financiers understand the complications inherent in many investment offerings, and the long-term loss that may ensue.

Even banks that we think would have a handle on the investment pulse have had to pull up stakes because of bad lending practices to big investors.


Black River, St Elizabeth