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Gov't should do more to battle chik-V

Published:Tuesday | November 4, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Gov't should do more to battle chik-V


In response to Michael Abrahams' online column of Monday, November 3, 2014 titled 'Chikungunya: we were warned', it is such a crying shame that the Government of Jamaica is not doing more to prevent the spread of this virus.

I was visiting Negril in March of this year and I saw them spraying the outsides of the hotels, going all the way down on the main road where the seven-mile beach is located. At that time, the virus was not yet known or spreading.

I purchased a ticket to visit this month, but after my friends told me how serious this virus is and how people have passed away because of it, I decided to cancel my ticket. The airline agent told me that her mother had the virus and she was from Costa Rica. Why is the Jamaican Government dragging its feet where this virus is concerned?

It is a pity as I know that hospitals are not equipped to deal with this problem because of lack of medicine, hospital accommodations, and personnel. I heard that people have to wait for hours to be seen at the hospital, and some of them are not called until it is too late. What a terrible crime this is!