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Harassment stifling tourism sector

Published:Tuesday | November 4, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Harassment stifling tourism sector in 'Ochi'


I believe that there are unconfirmed reports from the largest cruise ship company in the world, Carnival Cruise, that it will be moving its business away from Ocho Rios to Falmouth because of increased tourist harassment. This is not good news for Jamaica as we embark on the winter tourism season.

With the International Monetary Fund on Jamaica's back to increase revenues and growth in every sector, the country can't afford to lose out. If I, as a Jamaican citizen, cannot take this everyday harassment from street beggars, you can just imagine how visiting tourists feel. I do not encounter this problem whenever I visit our neighbouring countries.

The Government simply has to do more to protect this very sensitive industry. This behaviour needs to stop or we'll all lose out in one way or another.


Mandeville, Manchester