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Jamaica not short on creativity and innovtion

Published:Thursday | November 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Jamaica not short on

creativity and innovation


I write in response to the

article titled 'MSME Tech Boost Needed', which was published in the Gleaner on Monday, October 27, 2014, in which the Jamaica Business Development Corporation's Lisa Taylor-Stone made some very astute observations on the lack of ICT adoption by local MSMEs.

A key point Taylor-Stone raised in the article was that MSMEs are unable to participate in and take advantage of a multibillion-dollar market because they lack the capacity needed to operate on that kind of scale. From an economic perspective, this is really a huge cause for concern, as it means that MSMEs are performing below their full potential and their growth will become stagnated because of their inability to perform to global standards.

Let's face it - Jamaica is not short on creativity and innovation. Almost every day, someone comes up with an awesome idea or initiative which has the potential to take off astronomically. However, the challenge often lies in our ability to develop the operational capacity needed to sustain these ideas that we generate. This is usually because of the lack of capital outlay that is required to purchase ICT solutions up front - which is something many MSMEs don't have and don't have the collateral to secure.

This is why Digicel Business, the ICT arm of Digicel, has invested in developing a shared-services platform which enables MSMEs to take advantage of enterprise-grade ICT solutions on a subscription basis. This is similar to how utility companies operate; we allow MSMEs to pay for what they need without having to find the capital outlay required to invest in ICT infrastructure.

To date, Digicel has invested more than US$8m in a Cloud platform and a state-of-the-art Tier III certified data centre facility to give businesses of all sizes access to the types of technologies being used by large corporations. By utilising this type of service, these MSMEs will enable them to drive growth and reduce operational costs.


General Manager

Digicel Business