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Let the people elect the Director of Public Prosecutions

Published:Thursday | November 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Let the people elect the DPP


The latest impasse between INDECOM and Director of

Public Prosecutions (DPP) Paula Llewellyn is not about greater communication between the two, as JLP spokesperson on justice Alexander Williams and the PNP's Phillip Paulwell seem to be saying, according to a Gleaner report.

DPP Paula Llewellyn has been an absolute failure where the interests and human rights of poor and working-class Jamaicans are concerned.

Her failures are well-known. She has been ineffective in

prosecuting policemen who are charged with extrajudicial killings (part of the circle of impunity) and she has been

ineffective in prosecuting public officials who are charged with corruption (the number-one

concern of most Jamaicans).

Paula Llewellyn is a fairly young woman and it is frightening that it is almost impossible to remove her until she reaches age 60 or 65, according to the Constitution.

Now is the time to amend the Constitution. Either the DPP is appointed for a stipulated period of time or the DPP becomes an elected position, as is the case in 47 American states. The latter alternative is perhaps the best way to go.

Instead of providing money to political parties, money should be used to fund the campaigns of those interested in running for the office of DPP.

Let the people decide who they prefer to protect their



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