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Women banned by KC constitution

Published:Monday | November 10, 2014 | 12:00 AM


banned by KC constitution


I read Carolyn Cooper's article ('KC old boys desire male sex', November 9, 2014) relating to the old boys' association's decision to revert to the original format of the reunion dinner. I am not sure research was conducted for her to make an informed decision before penning the script.

Our founder and first principal, the Rt Rev Bishop Percival Gibson, in 1933 instituted the KC Old Boys Reunion Dinner, and enshrined it in the school's constitution a few years later. The occasion, as he put it, would

create the arena for masters (teachers) to have a drink of spirit and to make pleasurable talks of/with the Spirit. In fact, in the early days, currently attending boys were in attendance (head boy and prefect body still attend).

I am an old boy, class of 1986, happily married with four children. Currently, my son is in upper sixth form. I have never felt our wanting to exclude the fairer sex was an indication of our discomforts with women.

What I can inform you is that the matter, as it relates to the reunion dinner of two Saturdays ago versus last year's attendance of females, is on a matter of constitutional principle. The matter was never discussed for vote at a general meeting.

I urge Ms Cooper to understand these underlying reasons and to check other single-gender schools operating in Jamaica that have followed KC's 1933 practice.