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Carolyn Cooper is childish

Published:Tuesday | November 11, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Carolyn Cooper is childish


First, I am a Kingston College old boy. Second, Carolyn Cooper is rude. Rude and out of order. The Sunday Gleaner published a collection of nonsensical sentences (I imagine she thinks of her work as an 'article') penned by her saying that KC old boys prefer, in every way, the company of men.

If there was an actual point to be made, the lady failed. If she wanted us to seriously explore the gender politics of single-sex institutions, she failed in that regard as well. If she was interested in impacting KCOBA

policy, she failed miserably.

What she has done is make homosexuality a bigger spectacle, reaffirmed the idea that homosexuality can be learned, and that all-boy institutions are where boys go to become gay men. This is problematic. The premise of the lady's article is problematic. I believe she knew this, because she is not stupid.

But even so, why is it so easy for her to use homosexuality as a storytelling lens? Why is it so easy for the lady to think that through shaming the institution as a 'b***y school', she could make some change?

The idea that single-sex schools, particularly all-boy schools, is a place where pupils develop into homosexuals is not new. Gay shaming of students who go to these schools is ruthless & reckless. Thanks to this lady's childish rant, it will continue to be one of the more predominant assumptions (and a source of jokes) for many, many, many years.


Student, York University,