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It’s satire for God’s sake: old boys must lighten up

Published:Tuesday | November 11, 2014 | 12:00 AM

It's satire, for God's sake: KC old boys must lighten up


Professor Carolyn Cooper sure made a big bed to lie in with the column 'KC old boys desire male sex' (Sunday Gleaner, November 9, 2014). Fact is, Cooper's article, as I understood it, was a satirical piece at best, funny for the most part as she tried to deliver a subtle message about gender bias and/or discrimination in today's world.

It was not to be taken so literally or so seriously as we've seen by some comments made online, and letters to the media. The word 'sex', for instance, has many meanings. In this case, it referred to either of two divisions, male or female. KC old boys, therefore, preferred an all-male (sex) event for their reunion.

So if you're comfortable about your sexuality, there's no need to panic. It's all literary, so

lighten up and try to find the message within.

We're talking about grown men here, many successful, and most of whom have wives, and female partners and families. This was a reunion dinner, an annual event. Why wouldn't they want to share the moment of pride with their spouses/partners? What message are they sending to the outside world?

This was not just some routine old boys' meeting to discuss issues pertaining to the all-boy school; it was a major social event on the KC calendar. The KC decision, however, is archaic. By going back to this old rule, which we understand was part of the school's constitution historically, is not very different from going back to the old days when women weren't allowed to vote because of their gender. It borders on gender discrimination, which has no place or relevance in 2014.

There are other old boys' dinners where women are invited, and it is not even an issue worthy of any discussion. Elsewhere in other countries, this social exclusion would be major news, and Professor Cooper tried to bring the issue to the media, in her own style of writing and literary prowess. And I have never heard of an old girls social or reunion dinner where a request was made to exclude their male partners. What fun would that be anyway?