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From Grants Desk

Published:Wednesday | November 12, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Disasters can occur at any time and may take on different forms, from hurricanes, to crime to a system being inadvertently unplugged by a cleaner.

Local businesses should, therefore, have a plan for disaster recovery and by extension, business continuity.

This is also the case with Jamaica's Logistics Hub (JLH) project that hinges on connecting several players and keeping data, systems and processes moving effortlessly.

The JLH must have a concrete plan for avoiding and managing disaster in a way that keeps Jamaica's Hub open for Business.

Columbus has made considerable investment in the area of business continuity and has developed expertise that see complete replica environments being created to support business operations.

This replication has been so developed that parts of the environment can be restored without negative impact to the other parts that were unaffected by the disaster.

Columbus can then facilitate failover and back on the click of a mouse, allowing for seamless operation much like what will be needed in a fully functional Logistics Hub.

- Grant Hume, vice-president,

Columbus Business Solution