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If Faye Jacobs wins ...

Published:Wednesday | November 12, 2014 | 12:00 AM

If JLP's Faye Jacobs wins ...


The gate for the by-election in Central Westmoreland has been flung wide open by Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, and Comrades are confident that they will retain the seat.

I am, however, of the view that a Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) victory in this People's National Party (PNP) garrison would indicate a positive shift for this project we call Jamaica, and I hope voters take my opinion to the bank.

Westmoreland is a parish that is largely underdeveloped after being held for so long by a party that has been in government for most of my short, but experienced life.

If Faye Jacobs should win - and I hope she does - it would signal not only to the PNP, but also to the JLP, that Jamaicans no longer want to be polarised. It would signal that the new Jamaica holds loyalty to nothing but to development and prosperity.

I believe the people of Westmoreland are tired of

being pauperised. I can affirm wholeheartedly that the youth

of Westmoreland want the same opportunities as those in Kingston, St Andrew and St James. I can hold fast when I postulate that they no longer want to live in farm communities where their only option is agriculture.