Tue | Nov 20, 2018

Help fight Ebola in West Africa

Published:Thursday | November 13, 2014 | 11:36 PMColin Thompson


I thoroughly agree with that wonderful piece of editorial in the UK edition of the Jamaican Gleaner, 'Jamaica has moral responsibility to Ebola-hit nations'.

No nation outside of the continent of Africa has promoted Africa in their music like Jamaica, so it would certainly be a great idea to have a Jamaican

concert in aid of this current epidemic plaguing the three West African countries. It has been a Jamaican tradition within the reggae music fraternity ever

since I can remember to celebrate Africa.

God forbid anything like this were to ever hit us in Jamaica. However daunting a task it may seem, it is indeed the perfect situation for our 'willing' professionals within the medical field to go, assist and learn vital experience skills in the region.

Medical professionals from the United States, Britain, Cuba and other nations are helping our beloved Jamaican, Dr Coril Curtis-Warmington, is also there on the ground assisting, so I know there are other committed Jamaican nurses and doctors who would like to help our brothers and sisters in West Africa.