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Don't swallow Percy LaTouche's red herring

Published:Friday | November 14, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Don't swallow LaTouche's

red herring


Most of us are familiar (or should be) with logical fallacies that may be grouped according to relevance, ambiguity and presumption. It is the fallacy of relevance that has become the ruling party's weapon of choice whenever confronted with an issue or problem to which it can provide no rational or acceptable response.

Percival LaTouche, in his capacity as member of the board of the National Housing Trust, has mastered said fallacy with his shameless application of the red herring. Who can blame him? It has been a useful tool in the past for many on both sides of the House.

In his response to issues raised by Daryl Vaz, Mr LaTouche makes reference to the infamous West Kingston incident. It is not, however, to be viewed as convenient distraction whenever hard questions are asked by the Queen's loyal Opposition, the response to which may show the Government in a bad light.

Mr LaTouche and others with the same inclination should be made aware that even the party faithful are aware that this red herring is nothing but a weak attempt at obfuscation and avoidance whose efficacy is quickly dwindling. Life, after all, goes on.

Mr LaTouche and his fellow board members would have been better served by a less rancorous and defensive response.


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