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Axeman a mix of brute, beauty

Published:Saturday | November 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Axeman a mix of brute, beauty


The reigning super featherweight boxing champion of the world, Nicholas 'Axeman' Walters, has been impressing me ever since I laid eyes on him. The criteria in determining the 2014 RJR Sportsman of the Year should be revised because of this hombre.

The chief criterion for this honour should be whether you would want the person awarded to be on your side. Although professional boxing is not a team sport, how much more reassuring it would be to have someone with the spirit that Nicholas Walters has, going up next to bat, being the sweeper ahead of your goalkeeper, or running the starting leg of your relay team!

It is that fighting spirit which makes The Axeman go jogging in the hills of Haiti, and then sharpen his technique in Central America, ahead of a fight.

I cannot blame Celestino Caballero for forfeiting his title by refusing to fight The Axeman in 2012. I wouldn't want my lights put out either for a mere US$90,000 by somebody who wanted to do so very badly.

The Axeman has turned competing, which is an essence of sports, and sometimes a blemish of it, into something beautiful and methodical, and which he would have us believe, that he was born for. May God continue to keep him, and provide him with worthy opponents.



Norwood, St James