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High beams a traffic hazard

Published:Saturday | November 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM

High beams a traffic hazard

It seems I have an ancient motor car. You see, my car comes with low-beam and high-beam options, but when I drive at nights, it appears as if the other vehicles on the road only have high beams. Or is it that the other drivers don't know their vehicles are equipped with both options?

I am really confused because certainly, the intelligent people that traverse the University of the West Indies, Mona, would know if their cars have low beams.

One night I was entering the campus and there was a convoy of cars exiting the campus, bumper to bumper, ALL with their high beams on. You would think each car had the backside of a lady, or man, so the drivers behind had to get a good look, and since it was dark, the high beam was necessary.

I humbly request that the police Traffic Division sensitise drivers, yes, even the police ranks themselves, on the proper use of headlights. However, in case I am the one who is misinformed about the use of my lights, it would suffice if The Jamaican Driver's Guide is adjusted to reflect the proper use of headlights. You see the guide currently states, "[D]ip your headlights when approaching oncoming vehicles, following another vehicle, [or] in areas with adequate street lighting." (Page 13, No. 71).