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Senator Skeffery puts anal rapists first?

Published:Saturday | November 15, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Senator Skeffery puts anal rapists first?


The joint select committee of Parliament sat again on November 12, 2014 to continue reviewing the Sexual Offences Act. During a presentation by the UNDP country representative, it was highlighted that young boys are being anally raped by area gang leaders, or dons.

However, under the current law, the perpetrators of these vile acts are only liable to face 10 years in prison before they are let out to possibly continue preying on, and terrorising, the youngsters who sent them away. On the other hand, a vaginal rapist would face life imprisonment.

The UNDP representative, therefore, urged our parliamentarians to equalise the sentence for rape in order to provide equal protection for vulnerable boys and girls.

However, government senator Wensworth Skeffery objected, because he felt that treating forced anal sex as rape would decriminalise consensual acts of anal intimacy, and thus gay sex. This is something most Jamaicans, and quite possibly, this senator, are against.

So, to prevent a right to private intimacy of consenting adult gays, Senator Skeffery seems inclined to deny that all rape is rape, and is thereby protecting vicious gang rapists of young boys.

What an astonishing situation for a senator whose political party and government claim to 'put people first'.


Montego Bay, St James