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Trelawny has tours of 'note'

Published:Monday | November 17, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Trelawny has tours of 'note'


I was disappointed to read the rather shallow piece titled 'Trelawny falls short on attractions' (Gleaner, November 15, 2014). While not denying the wonders of Outameni and Good Hope, there are, in fact, other attractions of "note" in Trelawny.

The major one is the town of Falmouth itself. There are at least four tours in the town showcasing the heritage, and I am co-owner of one of them - the Falmouth Food Tour run by Jamaica Culinary Tours. The other three are Falmouth Heritage Walks, which also operates a tour of the Jewish Cemetery, and the trolley tour that goes through the town.

Outside the town, there is the recently opened Hampden Rum Tour showcasing its rum and manufacturing plant.

I have written and presented academic work on the limitations of the town of Falmouth as a tourist destination, but I am quick to note that there are many positive aspects to what is happening in the town and the surrounding areas. I really encourage your reporters to take the time to visit and see some of these first-hand.