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Pandemonium from Labourites on JUTC buses

Published:Tuesday | November 18, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Pandemonium from Labourites on JUTC buses


I would like to bring to light the grave misconduct of Jamaica Labour Party supporters attending the party's conference on Sunday, but my primary issue is with the drivers of the JUTC buses that were chartered to transport patrons.

These buses had persons hanging from windows and doors, and worse, from the emergency exit at the top of these buses. My dismay can only be proven with good evidence, so I stopped my car and took note of the licence plate numbers (PE9589 and PE9586) and pictures displaying the behaviour.

My problem is not with the supporters but with he drivers who have a responsibility to uphold the company's conduct. During normal daily transit on route, we the commuters are not even allowed to drink juice on these buses.

There were police personnel escorting the buses to their destinations on Sunday. If a private driver were to transport passengers in this manner, he or she would most definitely be stopped and ticketed by the police. The rules of this country do not seem to apply when political interest is involved.

I am a frustrated taxpayer who feels the financial burden when accidents occur on these buses and when financial compensation must be paid to the injured. These buses are not insured, but any payment for damages must be taken from government coffers. Thus it is a grave displeasure to be on the road and see this distasteful, risky and careless behaviour.

I refuse to accept the do-as-I-say-and-not-as-I-do-mentality from these JUTC drivers, from the police personnel, and from the political representatives. Lives and property are at risk when these conferences are held, and it is about time that these events are governed in a more orderly manner and the law upheld.